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In Davinor, we are highly committed to increase our customers profits by offering the most sophisticated testing and control tools available.

Besides of our current, state of art products we continuously put a strong effort in the development of new testing and measuring equipment designed for the needs of development, manufacturers and users of flexible packaging materials and processes. 

In addition to this, we offer our services in the maintenance and calibration of the equipment, as well as supply spare parts to those 100+ customers worldwide who already have our testing and measuring equipment installed.

Davinor is owner-managed company. The staff at Davinor consist persons who have extensive experience in the product development and marketing knowledge of these products. We are able to offer you not only our well-known products, but also our expertise in testing and measuring issues relating to the development, manufacturing and use of flexible packing.

We will be happy to provide additional information concerning our products and services. The equipment is also constantly on display and available for trial measurements at our showrooms in Helsinki, Finland 


LayerGauge instruments are thickness gauges for multilayer structures, capable of measuring layers individually and simultaneously. They see inside a test sample and detect different material layer thicknesses down to 2 µm.

LayerGauges are widely used by food and medical packaging manufacturers, whose products have multilayer structures like in co-extruded barrier films or in coated liquid paper boards.



has been specially developed for laboratory use. It’s good value for reduced cost with no extra functions. Samples are handled by operator and straightforward software offers intuitive control and reporting.

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is especially suitable for automatic QC of plastic films. It has fully programmable sample handling combined with rich reporting and data handling functions. This is the one instrument barrier film co-extruder needs either in a lab or at a factory.

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Opacity Meters

Davinor TOM11 and 21 are modern opacity and transmission meters optimized for thin materials like plastic films, sheets and papers. These instruments are ideal for checking the clarity or color density properties and for ensuring consistent quality of production.

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Send Samples

Davinor offers free suitability study to ensure performance of products with customer’s materials and to help in selecting the correct model for each case.

You are welcome to send your materials to be tested!

Our delivery address is:
Davinor Ltd
Asesepankuja 3
00620 Helsinki

We inform you after the package arrives and send test results soon after, typically within few days.

All customer materials and related information are handled in confidentiality. If you wish to have materials back, please include a note with the return address. Otherwise they will be destroyed after a few weeks from final results.

Not much material is needed. Equivalent to one magazine page is normally enough. If you want us to measure longer thickness profiles include more sample material and let us know your preference.

To help us respond quickly please fill out the Sample Specification Form and include it in to your package.

Thank you!

Sample specification
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Helsinki Office, Visiting & Shipping Address:

Davinor Ltd.
Asesepänkuja 3
FI-00620 Helsinki, Finland

Tel +358 9 7288 640

Mr. Ville Hytönen, ville.hytonen(a)davinor.com, Sales
Mr. Juha-Pekka Repo, jp.repo(a)davinor.com, Technical Support 

Davinor Representatives:

The Benelux
Technex bv

Mr. Doeke-Jan van der Meulen
Industrieweg 35
1521 NE Wormerveer, Holland



SCM Scientific Chemical Machinery

Mr.Jason Kim (Kim Se Jong)

237, Mudeul-ro, Chowol-eup, Gwangju-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea (Zip: 12733)

Tel +82 31 699 6069


Venture Instrumentation Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Mr.V.R.Vijaya Babu

A-205, 1st Floor, Block III, KSSIDC Complex, Electronic City Phase 1, Bangalore - 560 100, India

Tel +91 80 4400 4111/4171 5022.


Oakland Instrument Corporation

Mr.Neil Sticha

5220 12th Avenue East Minneapolis, Minnesota 55379 USA

Tel +1 (952) 835 4935


New Zealand
TCL Hunt

Mr. Warwick Spedding
7 Fisher Crescent Mt Wellington 1060, NEW ZEALAND

Tel +64 (0)9 526 2700


Altech Co., Ltd

Mr.Yoshikatsu Nakai

Sumitomo Irifune Bldg. 2F, 1-1 Irifune 2-chome Chuo-Ku Tokyo 104-0042, Japan

Tel +81 3 5542 6752


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