Opacity Meters

Davinor TOM11 and 21 are modern opacity and transmission meters optimized for thin materials like plastic films, sheets and papers. These instruments are ideal for checking the clarity or color density properties and for ensuring consistent quality of production.

TOM 11 and 21 can be used as a simple standalone instruments close to a production line. Or they can be taken into a lab and connected to a PC for data capture, saving and visualization. Either way they give accurate results quickly and easily.

Simplicity of use is a great benefit of this system; users don''t even have to touch the instrument but instead can use both hands to insert and to move a sample. 


TOM11&21 Key Features 

Measure light attenuation due to a material under test.
Results are reported as relative transmittance or opacity units (selectable) with resolution of 0.1%.
Designed especially for thin materials like plastic films or papers.
Can be used as standalone unit or as connected to a Windows PC by USB cable.
Integrated LCD display for standalone operation, showing current value and average.
Easy to use Windows software for data capture and visualization included in the package.
Automatic calibration during startup


Download Tom11 pdf

Download Tom21 pdf



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