Davinor offers updates to all previous LayerGauge models. These updates include both software and hardware related improvements and additions.

Updates ensure that older LayerGauge instruments remain as fully workable units and can be operated with modern computers and operating systems. Updates may also become necessary if the use of the instrument changes significantly, for example due to new type of materials to be tested or increased usage. 

Our Standard updates are

Customized updates are 

  • special reports and
  • small mechanical changes according to customer''''s needs.

We also offer larger Upgrade projects including

  • complete re-build of an old or damaged instrument,
  • upgrading a LayerGauge to different version, typically model 16 upgrade to model 32
  • custom designed mechanical accessories.

For more information please contact us. 


Davinor M-Flex is sophisticated Graphical User Interface software especially designed for LayerGauge instrument operation and multilayer analysis.

LayerGauge is always delivered with latest version of M-Flex.Older gauges can be updated to modern M-Flex software.

M-Flex software has different feature sets depending on the exact version and intended instrument model. To ease the version selection we use the following naming convention

  • M-Flex 1.4, for old LayerGauge models 1 and 2
  • M-Flex16, for LayerGauge model 16 (earlier "Basic")
  • M-Flex22, for LayerGauge model 22
  • M-Flex32, for LayerGauge model 32

M-Flex software provides outstanding user convenience with clear and comprehensive reporting.

Please see example reports.

For more details please contact Davinor.


USBGate is a connecting device, installed between LayerGauge and PC''s USB port.

Old LayerGauge® instrument models have been connected to a PC computer via special measuring board.. This connection type is limiting the options to update PC computers. Connection technology used is nowadays available only in special industrial type PCs.

For convenience of all LayerGauge® users Davinor has introduced a new USB connection module: LayerGaugeUSBGate. This module connects any LayerGauge® -instrument to PC computer using standard USB port. Users are no longer tied to special requirement for type of PC.

This connection provides all existing features of LayerGauge® with familiar M-Flex user interface, so no additional training or changes in measuring practices are needed.

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